Nutcase 2016 Dealer of the Year Awards

Nutcase 2016 Dealer of the Year Awards

Congratulations the Nutcase 2016 Dealer of the Year!

This is our third year of the Award and we are pleased to present the following list of 5 winners.

Congratulations to the following stores on their commitment, passion for fun and incredible sales record this year!

KING STREET CYCLERY – 2016 National & NSW Dealer of the Year
VELO CYCLES – 2016 Victoria Dealer of the Year
NEW FARM BIKES – 2016 Queensland Dealer of the Year
TREADLY BIKE STORE – 2016 South Australia Dealer of the Year
UBER & KLEIN – 2016 Western Australia Dealer of the Year

We’re thrilled to showcase Dealer stores every year and 4 out of the 5 stores listed above have been loyal, Nutty!, Nutcase Dealers since the earliest days. New Farm Bikes joined us as far back as 7+ years ago and are still a fantastic bike store. Get down to your local and support them!

There was also excellent work done this year by many stores in each state, some who have won the in the past and others who are new Nutcase Dealers. These include Glow Worm Bikes, Entropy Toys, Brown Jersey and Papillionaire. Congratulations to everyone!